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Garantizamos la calidad de los productos de nuestros clientes al planear, desarrollar y construir soluciones de pruebas eléctricas.

One same team,
unlimited solutions.

iBtest offers a unique service of electrical test engineering solutions for multiple industries at a national and international level.

Results you can trust.

Our team of engineers is known for its experience in automotive communication protocols, Flash programming (CAN, Lin, K-Line, FlexRay, etc) and developments of any type of electrical in-circuit test, high complexity functional tests and advanced Boundary Scan tests.

Industries We Work With

Consumer Electronics


Some of our main clients


World Class Partnerships means better solution

The future in Test Systems
Digital Test

With pride, iBtest represents Digitaltest in Mexican territory. Digitaltest, a German supplier with more than 35 years of experience in Europe for ATE Systems, is appointed to be the next key player of Automated Test Equipments in America thanks to its innovative solutions

An Italian Company at the forefront of Device Programming Industry
SMH Tech

During 2018, iBtest was honored with "SMH ReSeller for Mexico" distinction, in order to promote Flash Runner 2.0 and the rest of the big portfolio of In-System Programming solutions of SMH Technologies

German Technology with Local support

Ingun, the world leader for Test Probes and Test Fixtures since 1971, has entrusted iBtest with the big responsibility of providing technical support to their Test Fixtures in Mexico, a task we face in iBtest with great passion

World leader in innovative, high performance and value adding connectivity solutions
Mac Panel

For more than 50 years, MAC Panel has been an innovator in the field of high performance connectivity for test applications, successfully reducing the overall cost of test for the customers.

Work Progress

An engineering process like no other.

We are known for working through a flexible work process focused on customer satisfaction. Regardless of the needs, we provide support from any of the following stages:

Through the use of a Project Manager platform inspired by a proactive management methodology, we ensure that you have excellent follow-up and control in your projects.

We develop our own hardware solutions and specialized software to meet your test specifications.

Thanks to our partnerships with the best Fixture Houses World Wide, you can be sure that the Mechanical Design immersed in your solution will be manufactured by your partner of choice.

From "On the Job" training to post-sales support, we are by your side at all times.

All our processes are governed by ISO standards: 9001

(Certification in process for the 2nd semester of 2018)

Innovative Board Test [iBtest] is a company that arises from the need of different OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer], ECM [Electronic Contract Manufacturing] and CM [Contract Manufacturers] for the development of high level electrical tests in Mexico (with local support).

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