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The ICT Business Unit was the start of iBtest. From the beginning we have been focused on creating significant value for our clients and providing them with the best experience during the design, construction and delivery of our projects.

Our Process


We are certified and our process is characterized by the fact that in all our projects they swim with a (recording) milestones, timeline, with well-marked deliverables, we use development guidelines, all our engineers have a stand or documentation and development guidelines, and we adhere to statement of work of our clients sow. We release based on a statistical debugging.

In-Circuit Test Services

Turn Key


LED tester Integrations


Flash Programming Integrations


x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer Integrations


Custom Integrations



Certificado ISO 9000:2015



Keysight Platforms Expertise



One of the main tests during the electronic manufacturing process is the electrical test “In Circuit Test” (ICT)


It is very common to add functional tests in the ICT test, in such a way that the “front end” coverage is increased. Digital tests, functional analog, mixed, boundary scan, among others.

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