Functional Test


Boundary Scan

The Boundary Scan test architecture allows us to perform interconnection tests between integrated circuits in an assembly without using physical test points. Boundary Scan allows us to test the product quickly, efficiently and with a cost-benefit before being launched.


  • Boundary Scan program developments
    Chain Verification
    Boundary Scan integrations in the ICT & Functional Test
    Experience in complex development (high node count)
    Validation of BSDL files
    X1149v Standalone App | In iBtest we offer the development “turnkey” (key in hand) of Boundary Scan tests through the x1149.

Flash programming


In iBtest we have extensive experience in ISP (In-system programming) programming. This type of programming allows manufacturers to program the integrated circuits in their own production lines instead of acquiring circuits pre-programmed by their manufacturer or distributor, making it possible to apply code or design changes during the production phase.

The iBtest engineering group develops and provides the complete solution (Standalone App) for all types of flash or memory load. Our solutions contemplate Off-Line or In-Line systems.

  • Integration of the ICT programming section
    Flash Programming standalone
    In-line Flash Programming

In-Circuit Test

The ICT Business Unit was the start of iBtest. From the beginning we have been focused on creating significant value for our clients and providing them with the best experience during the design, construction and delivery of our projects.

Industrial Automation

As of today we have integrated different cobots for the different stations, such as cobot for in circuit test and cobot for functional test.

Software Development

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