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In Circuit Test

One of the main tests during the electronic manufacturing process is the electrical test “In Circuit Test” (ICT).


In iBtest we recognize the great importance of the electrical test, being one of the tests where for the first time the

electrons flow through the passive and active components of the electric cards to determine if the cards were manufactured properly.

It is very common to add functional tests in the ICT test, in such a way that the “front end” coverage is increased. Digital tests, functional analog, mixed, boundary scan, among others.


  • Turnkey Applications
  • Software Development
  • In-Line Turnkey Applications
  • Fixture Re-Works
  • Design for Testability
  • Local Support
  • Entrenamiento Personalizado

The main experience of iBtest lies in its ability to offer turnkey solutions.

Development of the test program, test adapter, debugging at the MSA level (measurement analysis system) and installation on site forming part of the call-in-hand solution.

Our installed base (capabilities) together with our network of suppliers and the quality of our services distinguish us from our competitors.

iBtest offers standard and advanced developments.

The standard development includes the typical In Circuit tests: short, open, analog components In Circuit (Capacitors, Resistors, diodes, etc.) testjet or VTEP. Within the standard developments the ignition of the unit with the additional HW is included for the proper unloading of the test unit. Digital tests found in standard bookstores.

The advanced developments include, in addition to the standard test program, the design of libraries for digital, analog, functional, mixed, programming, and boundary scan tests. Integrations of electronic instruments, for example: LED tester, Flash Boxes (programming boxes) and customized tests.

The iBtest engineering group is characterized by its extensive experience in the development of online (online) test programs. Being pioneers in developing for this platform.

In iBtest we develop tailored suits, custom test integrations, tests with external instruments, customized test adaptations, customized hardware adaptations. Integrations of “Flash Programming”, BSCAN, LED “tester”, etc.

We do different types of rework, either by engineering changes required or by improvements in the test adapter. We have the tools and the technical experience required to be successful in each re-work for the different test adapters.

We know the importance of a DFT (Design for Testability) analysis when designing complex cards with hundreds or thousands of test points. Our DFTs identify missing or irrelevant test points, providing a clear report of what has to be corrected in the design to avoid having storage of faults during high volume production.

Our DFTs show the percentage of coverage prior to development, the list of components that will be tested with said coverage. The DFT analysis to improve test coverage. As well as combining said report with the most complex testing techniques. Our DFT reports include the analysis of “Boundary Scan” tests: BSCAN DFT Reports.

Engineering changes in the test schedule or in the test adapter. Adding versions in the “testplan” test, new revisions, change in programming firmware, implementation of personalized tests, increase coverage, among others are some of the tasks that iBtest offers frequently in the different ECOs.

If required, we can serve our clients needs on site. We empathize with the level of urgency of our customers to provide the solution that suits their needs.

We have extensive experience in the development of tailor-made technical training, all our training focuses on hands-on practice. When developing the trainings we take into account the learning cone of Edgar Dale.

Automation (NUEVO)


Boundary Scan

The Boundary Scan test architecture allows us to perform interconnection tests between integrated circuits in an assembly without using physical test points. Boundary Scan allows us to test the product quickly, efficiently and with a cost-benefit before being launched.


  • Boundary Scan program developments
    Chain Verification
    Boundary Scan integrations in the ICT & Functional Test
    Experience in complex development (high node count)
    Validation of BSDL files
    X1149v Standalone App | In iBtest we offer the development “turnkey” (key in hand) of Boundary Scan tests through the x1149.

Flash programming


In iBtest we have extensive experience in ISP (In-system programming) programming. This type of programming allows manufacturers to program the integrated circuits in their own production lines instead of acquiring circuits pre-programmed by their manufacturer or distributor, making it possible to apply code or design changes during the production phase.

The iBtest engineering group develops and provides the complete solution (Standalone App) for all types of flash or memory load. Our solutions contemplate Off-Line or In-Line systems.

  • Integration of the ICT programming section
    Flash Programming standalone
    In-line Flash Programming

Functional Test

The functional tests are specific and specific to validate that the software or hardware of the product does what it should and what it has been developed for.

In iBtest we have the experience to define the reliable, efficient and scalable test strategy. We are experts in using cutting-edge hardware today, including Keysight Technologies, National Instruments and many other instrument manufacturers.


We design test systems that use best practices in software development. We are experts in several industry standard programming languages: LabVIEW, LabWindows CVI, .NET and Visual Basic. The NI and Keysight sequencers: TestStand and TestExec.

Industrial Automation

As of today we have integrated different cobots for the different stations, such as cobot for in circuit test and cobot for functional test.

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