Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a required process to provide an IT solution that allows us to analyze how our company data is performing.

It consists to group data to transform it into relevant information, but it isn’t only about having  a software that can interpret data; but also a tool to improve and innovate processes, from decision making to improving results.

Business intelligence can help any company, regardless of its size and line of business, it also helps to have better planning, and organization and detect behavior in sales, income, and expenses, identify consumers preferences and also to detect new opportunities.

If we use BI correctly, we’ll have benefits that help us to improve our internal operations.


Accelerates and improves decision making.

Improves internal operations.

Optimizes operational efficiency and productivity.

Detects and alerts users of potential risks.

Defines emerging trends within the business and market in general.

Improves business strategy development.

Boosts sales and revenue generation.

Stronger competitiveness.

Reducing waste has a positive impact on production costs, and at the same time improves the quality of the product, which helps to increase satisfaction of the final customer.

At iBtest we consider it very important to improve manufacturing processes, to know how your equipment and production lines are performing and where the losses occur in order to avoid setbacks.

Did you already knew the general impact of Business Intelligence in a company?



Melissa Hernández

Software Developer at iBtest

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