Thank you 2021

Reflections 2021

“We are not the same people as last year, neither are those we love. It is extraordinary that, by changing, we can continue to love someone who also changed”

William Somerset Maugham

An apology for my opening for this Blog of Reflections on 2021, it is very romantic, haha, but I want to make the analogy a little for all those who love our work.

Things are never static, everything is constantly changing, even when you decide to dedicate yourself to a professional job, exactly the same thing happens, there will always be changes. A clear example is what has happened in recent years.

Work as we were used to in 2019 obviously changed a lot in 2020 and continued to change in 2021, perhaps even to a greater extent and let me explain: although in March 2020 the first strong restrictions due to pandemic began, measures such as “Stay at Home”, etc. There were still many shipments in warehouses with manufacturers or materials in transit or even in local warehouses final product available to supply us much of 2020, the real impact was seen in 2021 when those shipments that were destined to meet the supply of 2020 have been completed, and the supply issue is complicated by issues of stoppages in production in companies and above all, in that the manufacture of new components is not as simple as in other industries, since these forecasts are on an annual basis.

Each Industry is different and I am not generalizing, I consider that in our industry (electronic manufacturing) 2021 was when the pandemic effect was really felt, speaking from the perspective of the supply chain, turnover, investments, etc.

Obviously, our work today is not the same and we, as people who operate companies, change… as William Somerset says: “to continue loving those who also changed …”

Greetings, Pablo.


Pablo Robles iBtest CEO.

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