Attention is the new currency…

Perhaps the concept that the new currency that consumers have is no longer money, but our attention, is not fully coined even among us, but in terms of marketing, it is a reality that the longer we take to realize it, the more devalued form will be to interact.

I would like to put on the table a phrase that I heard from Andy Stalman, in which he says that Netflix’s competition is not exactly Amazon Prime or Disney Plus, the real competition is TikTok or Instagram, why? Because they are competing for people’s attention, it is not precisely necessary to belong to the same industry, offer similar products or provide similar services.

For all those Engine-Preneurs, my invitation is to answer the following question: The transcendental purpose of my company… How much attention does it attract and demand?

Stakeholders, this concept that is reviewed in the Business Plans and that is not usually deepened, now takes on a new weight in organizations when it is understood that the greater the interest of others, the greater the growth of our brand.

Finally, and as a reflection, if you believed that you had 10 competitors in Mexico, 15 in the United States, 3 in Canada, 4 in Brazil and 7 in Germany … What do you think? There are 10 times more and one of them is Netflix …


Pablo Robles

iBtest Managing Director

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