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The need to verify the correct operation of the products that the electronics industry generates has changed as the industry has evolved and the consumption and need for electronic products have grown, manufacturing has had to face the challenges of producing more in less time.

Day by day the quality that is demanded in the manufacture of electronic products becomes more decisive in the competition for the final customer. Not only quality is decisive, having the ability to produce a new iPhone every six months or less, to cite an example, with the production volumes that this demands, at a dizzying rate where manufacturing companies are struggling to stabilize their lines of production. production, cost reduction emerges as another determining factor for being the best option in the market.

Gone are the days where a group of people placed the components on the PCBs by hand and where the validation criteria rested in the senses of a worker. The miniaturization of components has led the industry to bet on automated equipment capable of repeating a task, millions of times. Sensors, cameras, scanners, robots have complemented the work in the manufacturing process seeking to achieve the goals demanded by the industry and consumers.

For the test area, all this has not been alien, the demand that has caused the rise of the electronics industry, for equipment and systems that meet all the requirements and possible cycle times, at the lowest possible cost has led to several companies seek to standardize and adjust equipment as closely as possible to their needs.
In seeking to have a lower production cost, they opt for modular and scalable equipment that allows them to test various products in their systems.

One of the problems that this need produces is how to connect the system resources to the unit under test, in a fast and easy way, in addition to ensuring the good connection between the parts, as well as preventing them from connecting in the wrong way. That is a connection interface between the test equipment and a fixture, some tooling, a station, or a test bench.

In the market, there are endless connectors of different shapes, sizes, angles, colors, number of pins, with different characteristics and qualities. In the same way, companies that offer instrumentation to the industry design their own connection interfaces according to the function that the instrument or instruments have to fulfill.

Somehow all this diversity of connections has to be brought to the unit under test directly or concentrated at some point. But what about the unit or units side? Each of them requires a finite number of test team resources. Since the task is to test more than one product with the same system. Using a large group of connectors is sometimes not so practical, not only to carry out the change of products but also to maintain the equipment and let’s not talk about how robust these connectors have to be to survive in an environment of production and let’s not talk about the order and quality of the wiring.

A good option is the connection interfaces that MAC Panel offers, if what you are looking for in your test equipment is an order in the wiring, that they are scalable, modular, robust and that allow the change of products in a practical way, the Mass interconnect solutions have this, in addition to helping the standardization of test equipment, the range of blocks and pins available are diverse not only in density of a number of pins but also in handling various types of signal, such as audio, high and low-frequency RF signals, power, they even offer options for pneumatics, vacuum, fiber optic splicing, etc. They are not limited to electrical signals.

They also offer options for reducing the cabling within the test equipment to the receiver such as the “scout” option for PXI platforms, to cite an example, that allows you the versatility you are looking for in your test stations.

The reduction of false rejections by contact, due to the integrity of the signal and the deterioration of the connectors make the return on investment very fast.

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