Advantages of using a test sequencer.

The test sequencers are designed for the validation and confirmation of the correct operation of each UUT (unit under test) produced in manufacturing, Currently the use of test sequencers is more common, this for its main advantages:

1- The time of working in development:

Test sequencers help make development and debugging times faster and more efficient, due to the way they use the run sequence.

2- Different programming language options.

Sequencers currently handle different types of programming language which helps make it easier to unravel and understand a sequence.

3- Ease of use to integrate.

the wide range of instruments from different suppliers, models and communication modes that the sequencers can handle, help us to make integration into the test system easier.      

4- Integration with control and measurement drivers.

Currently most measurement instrument suppliers provide control drivers for integration into the test system, this helps the development to be faster and more effective.

5- Quick learning about how to use.

Sequencers have the facility to learn simple things very quickly and to be able to sequence or debug in a short time.

6- Graphic representation.

Most of the test sequencers have a graphic interface that helps the end user to visualize the test result more easily, some allow modify these interfaces and personalize them.     

7- Storage of data.

the test sequencers use a report generator of the tests that were performed together with the desired characteristics, which can be used to send to a database

Some factors to consider when selecting a sequencer.

            1. Easy to use.

            2. Paralesimo and multi-core support

            3. Integration with different measuring instruments.

            4. Easy access training and support.

            5. Protection against obsolescence.


About the Author:
David Salazar is a 
Senior FCT Development Engineer at iBtest. 

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