How do we contribute in this time of pandemic? | COVID-19

The global struggle that we face with COVID-19 has brought constant change and evolution. In iBtest it is not the exception and we are also contributing to fight this virus.

Working as much as possible from home, but united and non-stoping, adjusting our plans to continue operating, in a safe environment.


How are we contributing?

We will be part of the manufacturing of Respiratory Solutions, vetilators for hospitals and oxygen concentrators as well as our commitment to any product that serves the medical industry from a technical and testing point of view, performing ICT and Functional Tests on them.


How does that help? / What is this for?

This test help to ensure the quality of medical grade products from their manufacture, where we can validate zero leaks of erroneous components or defective products in the global market.

From the ICT test, we can assess that the component assembly process is adequate, setting the highest standards of repeatability and reproducibility, including testing of sensors, voltage regulating devices and even programming.

From the Functional test, the adequacy of software and hardware to validate the behavior of the products and how they will behave once assembled with all parts of the respiratory solution or the ventilator.





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