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Webinar | 3070 DLL DEVELOPMENT

As is already known, we will carry out our iBtraining that is done ery two months, due to the COVID-19 contingency in addition to the desire to find a more practical channel for everyone to participate and to be able to take this knowledge that is interesting and free, it will be carried out as a webinar for the first time.

The topic of the iBtraining will be 3070 DLL Development, where you will see:

  -DLL overview
  -HP3070 requirements for DLL management
  -Creating DLLs from Visual Studio
  -Invoking my DLL from BT-Basic
  -Shortcuts and troubleshooting

We hope to count with your presence!

To join fill out the registration form at: https://forms.gle/afM232zkKE73upTa8


Friday April 3rd, 2020

4:00 – 6:00 pm

Imparted by:

Sr Software Engineer, Ángel Carreón



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