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Green Testing

In iBtest we are aware of the importance of caring for the environment and the direct impact that our decisions and actions have as a company and individually on it, so we are working on the development of new initiatives to contribute to the goal of a cleaner world and being a company that contributes to that.

Take responsibility for the material we deliver.

This is our first and most important commitment, to collect if so decided by each client, the physical material that we deliver and has finished its useful life with the company. What we intend by collecting useful and physical material is to be able to give it a second use in different ways, either in our laboratories, or schools and universities where students can also use them.


Electric vehicles

It is also a goal for us to contribute from the way in which the employees of the company and the vehicles we use move, so it will be important that those we use are hybrid, electric or any variant that may arise over the years and that helps reduce the use of gasoline in vehicles, helping to leave no trace in the environment.


Use of clean energies

Incorporate the use of clean energy for the development of our daily activities, gradually leaving behind the one currently used, to produce the energy we need to work with, ourselves.


These are some of the commitments we have and will be made by 2030.


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